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The Best Pets You Can Get

Miniature potbelly pigs are sweet, loving, playful, intelligent animals. Once you own one, you will wonder why on earth anyone would prefer a dog over a pig. In fact, you can train a pig to do anything that a dog can do - but they learn it much faster!

There is quite a bit of confusion about miniature potbelly pigs circulating on the Web though. Many people say that regular potbelly pigs are miniature pigs and that there isn't anything smaller. Welllllll......, regular potbelly pigs are miniature pigs but miniature potbellys really are even smaller than that. My full-grown pigs are about the same size and an average dog (and, contrary to their explanation that the only way you can get a miniature potbelly is to starve it, I over feed mine - in fact, the diet for a miniature potbelly is IDENTICAL to that of a regular potbelly; 1/2 cup of food per each 25 pounds of body weight divided into two feedings each day).

We bought our first two pigs in December of 2003 when they were about three months old - and we were hooked! At the end of 2005 or beginning of 2006, we got four more. Our first three litters were born in April, 2006. We advertised them on the Web, established a shipping contract with PetAir and a payment account with PayPal, and started our business. As interest in our babies grew, we decided to establish this Web site. We hope it helps you with your decision to become pig parents.

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